Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ooo That's MANteresting!

Some of you may have heard of the little website that launched two years ago – Pinterest – the image-sharing network that gained over 11 million unique users in its first year and a half. Now, when you first arrive on the Pinterest home page, you are flooded with images of cupcakes, weddings photos and arts & crafts projects, not exactly an environment that encourages usage from the male population.  According to Huffington Post, a whopping 83% of users are girls, which makes the guys  a relatively untapped segment and a potential opportunity – this is where Pinterest for guys comes into the picture. Whether it is Manteresting or Gentlemint, these sites are geared specifically for dudes and are sparking an interesting conversation.  Do these manly sites with nails and workbenches replacing pins and boards take the gender differences too far?  Are men being accurately portrayed if they need their own image-social network to pin power tools and hot cars? On the other hand, maybe the girly tendencies of Pinterest really are a deterrent for the male users and the Manterestings of the internet are another means for true social/digital interaction and expression.

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